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Geni, Lefkada-Greece Mobile: +30 69777 35889 Telephone: +30 26450 95604

Geni, Lefkada-Greece

Mobile: +30 69777 35889

Telephone: +30 26450 95604



Geni, is in an ideal location and according to archaeologist Wilhelm Dorpfeld was the capital of ancient Ithaka and the palace of the King Odysseus. Seaside apartments have offered travellers a relaxing stay since 1992 and today’s apartments, carefully renovated by owner Konstantinos Kavvadas, provide provide luxury waterside accommodation for sophisticated visitors. Seaside offers a comfortable and relaxing stay, combined with warm hospitality and a unique sense of intimacy.

Enjoy breakfast on your apartment terrace with the backdrop of the peaceful and beautiful view of Vlyho bay. In the evening, the sunset is a magical moment that is offered generously by Greek nature. As evening falls take a drink on the sofa terrace of our restaurant and sample our delicious cuisine and extensive wine list. When you choose to spend your summer holidays at Seaside, we promise you relaxing days and an experience of elegance and hospitality. We are waiting for you!!!

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Geni, Lefkada-Greece

Mobile:  +30 69777 35889

Telephone: +30 26450 95604